Ambergate Derbyshire Dales 08/08/2012

From the Hurt Arms at Ambergate we climb up the hill, part of Thackers Wood, towards Heage.On over the Denby Pottery and out towards the old American Adventure site to land south of Alfreton.

Langar Hall 26/07/2012

Langar Hall out towards the Peacock Inn at Redmile, then lower down picking up a little seabreeze to land in a cut grass field at Eastbridgeford.

Langar Hall 24/07/2012

From Langar Hall out towards Elton Hall and the racing stud. Landing on the cricket ground at Whatton.

Langar 21/07/2012

Over Langar Hall and out towards Belvoir Castle.
The CLA Game Fair was meant to be this weekend but was cancelled due to appalling ground conditions. Grass field at Muston farmer Mr. Donger.

Langar Hall 19/06/2012

Imogen Skirving, the owner of Langar Hall, comes out with some hotel guests to wave us on our way. We head for Belvoir Castle, home of this years CLA Game Fair on 20,21,22/07/2012.
This huge fair comes to the Vale of Belvoir every four years and is a must visit for country folk. We shall be there flying six slots over the weekend.
On and over Downtown at Grantham, and Belton Woods Hotel we land safely at Barkston.

Langar Hall 22/05/2012

Flying from Langar Hall over the village and clear of a small holding owned by Mr Greengrass, no not Jeremia as in Heartbeat, and no relation, to land at Asfordby.

Langar Hall 07/04/2012

Out over Langar Hall with a wave goodbye from the owner Imogen Skirving.
We watch as 16 parachutists from Skydive Langar descend from around 14000 feet.
You really can hear the parachutes “snap” open.Landing at Ab Kettlby, we find the gate is padlocked, so take off and have to fly for another 25 mins to find a suitable landing field!

Langar Hall 06/04/2012

Beautiful morning flight with the Turgoose family celebrating their recent wedding.
Straight up to 5000 feet to drink Champagne! What a way to start the day.
Landing just outside Stapleford Park.